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Our Specialists Revived This Shower in Royal Oak With Their Grout Sealing Services

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April 08, 2024

No one wants to deal with discoloration on their shower surfaces and what that could mean for a bathroom's hygiene. A homeowner in Royal Oak tried different DIY tips on her shower but nothing worked against the yellow stains that spread across the surface. The white floor was discolored beyond recognition and the walls lost all their former elegance to mold and soap scum.

Tile Shower Before and After a Grout Sealing in Royal Oak
When multiple cleaning products made no change to the shower's appearance, the homeowner decided it was time to ask a professional. To her surprise, finding the right place only took a quick online search that led her to Sir Grout Greater Detroit almost immediately. After reading about our grout sealing service in Royal Oak, the homeowner wasn't convinced by any of the other services that came up later on during her research. She gave us a call to ask some questions about our sealing services, and our agent gladly cleared all her doubts.

Following her request, our specialists visited her house a couple of days later for an in-home evaluation. There was no denying that the shower had seen better days, and our techs took note of all the issues at hand. Every surface showed signs of decay, from the discoloration on the floor to thick layers of mold that darkened all the grout lines. As the sealant faded from the grout, water seeped into the pores and behind the tiles, making way for stains that regular cleaners couldn't remove. The minerals in hard water also caused the yellow hue on the floor and the lower half of the walls, with the same chemical cleaners likely making things worse.

The solution was a thorough cleaning and sealing service, including repairs to the most affected parts of the grout, like corner joints. The homeowner agreed with our crew's assessment and took the chance to schedule a new appointment since she wanted to have her shower restored that same week.

On the agreed-upon date, our experts returned to her house with all the necessary equipment to work on the shower. After preparing the area with clear plastic, they began cleaning all shower surfaces with a special solution. This included scrubbing off the embedded dirt on the grout and providing glass treatment for the shower door. Then, our techs steam cleaned the entire shower stall to eliminate all traces of mold and efflorescence.

When it was time to restore the grout, they started by removing the old caulk that was loose on the seams before installing our water-resistant epoxy solution. Our specialists revamped the grout on the walls with our signature ColorSeal, recoloring the surface to match the tiles' natural color. Our sealant guarantees long-term protection against stains and wear and tear because it repels external elements like water, mold, mildew, soap scum, and more.

This marked the end of another successful restoration, and the homeowner couldn't be happier. She was delighted by the shower's new appearance, especially after looking at the restored grout from up close. There was no doubt in her mind that she had made the right choice by calling our specialists.

Before leaving the client's home, our techs took a moment to share some useful pointers. Their first recommendation was to replace bleach and soap-based products with pH-neutral formulas like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. Our product has everything you could ask for, starting with high-quality ingredients to bring maximum cleaning power around the most active parts of your home. Its composition also removes the risks attached to most store-bought cleaners, because there are no toxic fumes released into the air and no discoloration in your shower surfaces.

To make the best out of pH-neutral products, our experts also recommend using non-abrasive tools like a towel or a squeegee. This approach is particularly helpful while removing the mold and soap residue that often gets stuck between shower tiles, so homeowners can scrub around hard-to-reach areas without accidentally scratching the ceramic.

Our final recommendation was to keep fresh air circulating in the bathroom throughout the day. As our experts explained, a simple way to improve indoor ventilation is by opening the bathroom door and the windows nearby. The shower will gather less moisture and the air will not become stale, especially if homeowners also make a habit of wiping any pools of water sitting on the floor.

You don't need to get used to the dark spots on your shower grout. Sir Grout Greater Detroit is here to assist homeowners with a thorough surface restoration method that will transform their bathroom surfaces. We guarantee the most dedicated service and jaw-dropping results, so don't hesitate to come to us with your questions. You can call (248) 707-1943 or schedule a free quote online to request an appointment with our skilled technicians. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss our latest promotions and updates.
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